Old Fashioned Website Traffic Building

Forum Signatures

There are thousands of forums on the internet. Join all that you can, use boardtracker to help monitor the responses you’ve had so you can stay active in each one. Use the forums email feature to receive notification of responses in your original introduction thread. Think about your “target audience”, who are they are what topics are they interested in.

Email Signatures

If you are like me, you probably send numerous emails out daily. Make sure you are using them effectively. Now that you have your signature in your email, you can find ways to become more social. Browsing a site you like, email the owner and tell them or ask them a question. Use your email at every opportunity for more exposure.

Yahoo Groups

Sign up for as many as you can keep up with. Set up a special email account at gmail for this. You want the ones that will allow you to have a small signature file. There are also other “groups” out there like MSN, MySpace, etc..

Guest Books

Set up a guest book on your site. Do a Google search for “sign guest book” and/or other variations of that. Visit sites and make a positive comment about their site, leaving a link to your site and ask others to sign your guest book. A little htaccess can force everyone to have to reach your guest book through your main page which means that if someone else does what you are doing, they will be redirected to your main page and have to actually click a link from there to reach it. More about that later.

5. Blog Comments

The first thing we do is a Google search for “blog software”. We can find several like wordpress. We can then do a search for “powered by wordpress” and get a nice list of sites. Start visiting and leaving comments with a link back to your site. Most use the nofollow tag so don’t expect for these links to be indexed by the search engines, what we are doing here is looking for actual blog readers to see your comment and click through to your site. To narrow down the field so we’re using our time more efficiently we could refine our search to something like “home business blog” or even “making money” + “powered by wordpress”. This doesn’t even have to be “making money” or “home biz” related, again think about what your “target audience” may be reading. Note: I’m not endorsing blog spamming! Actually visiting blogs, reading the posts and making relevant comments benefit both parties. The blog owner gets free content for his site and you get a link back to your site.

Outgoing Snail Mail

Chance are, unless you’ve completely moved into the new millennium and are paying everything online that you still write out the occasional check. Stamp or write your url in the memo section of all checks, on the remit portion of your bill and the outside of your envelopes. These instruments pass through many hands and every exposure of your url is one more you didn’t have before. I would recommend using a rubber stamp, if you are doing enough, it will be worth it and will save you from hand cramps.

Dropping Business Cards

It is your business that is online but it is you that is in business. You are not restricted to only online advertising. Do you go out to eat? Leave your business card on the table with your tip. Fast food place? Doesn’t matter, leave your card on a few tables for the next few patrons. Many restraints even have a board where they allow cards to be pinned. Browsing the “making money” section of your local bookstore? Business cards make excellent bookmarks! Have a t-shirt printed with “Make Money Online” and your url on the front and back. Wear this every time you leave the house. You will be a walking business card and can be a conversation starter. Being bashful won’t make you any money.

Hanging Flyers

I like to use flyers with the “pull off tabs” at the bottom which you just cut yourself so people don’t walk off with your whole flyer. Think of any public place that has a bulletin board. Laundry rooms, public and apartments, community college, employment office, etc.. Always carry these and the business cards with you, you never know when the opportunity will present itself.

Add Content To Your Site

The search engines love content and every page you create adds another doorway into your site. Try to write at least one or two pages of content daily. These can be just a few paragraphs long and can be about anything you like, pets, children, the working at home experience, etc.. Two of these page a day is about 60 pages a month and 120 pages a year. Make sure you use a template for this with your sites navigation and Google AdWords framing it on the top, left column and underneath. Search for high paying keywords and write around those subjects if possible to maximize your AdSense revenue.

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